Outer Banks Fishing Boat Rental

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  Requirement's, Operation Limits & What's  Prohibited 

Operator's  Must   Have   Power  Boating  Experience!

           An  Operator  with  experience  is  safer  "on-the-water,"

            they  know  the  "rules,"  have  basic  boating  skill's  and  

             are  able  to  maneuver  a  boat  in  a  confined  space.

                        Are You A Safe Boat Operator:

              # 1)  Have  You  Completed  A  Boating  Safety  Course?

                        (we  provide  a  Free "On-Line"  Safety  Course  below)

                     We will need to see your Completion Certificate or I.D. card.

                          # 2)  Do  you  own  a  Powerboat? 

             Show us a copy of your Registration Card.

    # 3) Are  you  a  U.S.C.G.  Licensed  Guide  or  Captain?

                                     Provide us a Copy of your license.

                         This requirement is mandatory if you're interested in operating

                                         the 24 Sea Pro "Walk-Around" in the Atlantic Ocean!    

Most  U.S.  Coastal  State's  including  Washington, DC   requires  an

operator  of  any  motorized  vessel

must  have  completed  an  approved  Boating  Safety  Course! 

Operator's  that  have  at-least  completed  a  safety  course  will  keep  our  "Multiple -Day," 

"Day"  and  "Half-Day"  rental  rates  lower  than  any  of  the  other  Outer  Banks  boat  rentals.

If  you  haven't  already  checked  the  Multiple-Day,  Full-Day  &  Half-Day  rates  of   the  other  boat  rentals  here,  

 you'll  see  they  have  considerably  higher  rental  rates............... They  are   paying   more  liability, bodily  injury  and

  damage  insurance  renting  theirs   to  people  that  haven't  completed  a  safety  course  or  have  boating  experience!

Most  of  our  boat's  have  considerably  higher  horsepower  motors  than  the  other  guys,  some of ours are

very  near  or  at  the  maximum  rated  horsepower  ...... just another reason why we are are concerned about our

customer  and their power boating experience ........ the  safety and  welfare of  their  passenger's,

 all  the  other  boat's,  and  our  rental  craft!

Please  take  note:  When we rent a boat to you, especially for a "multiple-day" rental,

we do not supervise you and your party while you are renting our boat. 

  It's now your boat and you are responsible ..... What you do while under-way, docking it, anchoring it

 and in the possible case of an emergency, you should know exactly what to do and how to do it!

Beginning January 1st, 2018  The State of North Carolina

will require anyone operating a Jetski or a Vessel powered by 10 or more

horsepower will be required to have passed a safety course.

This New Law Will Affect Everybody ...... Resident's  and  Visitor's  Alike!

  Take the FREE Online Course, become a safe, knowledge-able and a legal boat operator!


        Is   Your  Only   Experience  By   Renting  A   Boat?

You  Must  Provide  the  Name(s)  of  the  boat  rental  businesses,  types  of  boats 

    you've  rented  and  a  phone  number  for  us  to  contact  those  businesses!

           We  may  require  you  to  complete  the  FREE  N.C.  Boating  Safety  Course  on 

 this  webpage  depending  on  which  State,  body  of   water  and  type  of  vessel  you  rented.

                       Jet  Ski's  Do  Not  Apply!



        Agreement   Signer's   Must   Be   At   Least   25   Years   Old!


  Operator's  21 Years  of  Age  Or  Under  MUST  BE  SUPERVISED

             BY  AN  OPERATOR   OVER  26  Years  Of  Age.  



              N.C.  Law's  Require  any  operator(s)  of  a  motorized  vessel  with  a  10    

              or  more  horsepower  motor  under  the  age  of  26  years  old  must  have  completed

                          a  Boating  Safety  Course  approved  by  the  State  Of  North  Carolina!

            Their  Completion  Certificate(s)  or  issued   I.D. Card(s)  must  be  provided  prior  to  the

            delivery  date  and  a  copy  "on-board"  the  watercraft  when  operated  by  him  or  her!


        North  Carolina  Requires  All   Children  Under  13  Years    

    Of  Age  Must  Wear  A  U.S. Coast  Guard  Approved  Life-Vest.  



Click  the  link,  create  your  User  Name(s) &  Password(s)  and  begin  the  FREE  course:


This FREE course is approved by North Carolina, other U.S. States and the U.S. Coast Guard.

             After passing each course chapter,  you can save your progress to continue

                                at a later time (or date), or if you wish, continue on to the final exam.

                All of the FREE safety course chapter tests and final exam questions are multiple choice.

            Pass the final exam, print the "Certificate of Completion" or save it to the computer's desktop

                   and  email  us  a  copy  or  present  your  "Certificate(s)  of  Completion"  at  delivery.


        Failure to present proof of a completed Boating Safety Course to any Law Enforcement

        Official or not informing  "BigWave Boat Rentals"  of all possible operators under 26 years

          old is a breach of rental agreement and punishable by North Carolina and Federal Laws! 

        All "Multiple-Day" rentals (2 or more days) are UN-supervised by any of our company

           employees or staff ......The  boat  you  have  rented  becomes  your  boat  with  all  the

               responsibilities  associated  with  the  safe  operation  of  a  motorized  vessel,

                    that  you  will  follow  all  North  Carolina  and  Federal  Boating  Laws  as

                         well  as  the  operation  limitation's  set  by  BigWave  Boat  Rentals!  


  Lessee's  Are  Held  Fully  Responsible  for  any  Damage,  Loss  or  Liability

  to persons or property after "Big Wave Boat Rental" staff release the rental.

                    The primary reason we prefer your operator's have experience   

       is this activity can be Inherently Dangerous, possibly leading to Bodily Injury or

                                                       even Death!                   

         When we deliver the boat, a member of our delivery staff will perform a "Test-Ride" with

                your operator's to evaluate how well they operate and handle a boat, how well they

   navigate in a "marked" channel and if they are following the "Rules of the Road" and "Right of Way".

                    During our "TEST-RIDE",  an  operator  that  said  they  "were experienced"  are

            found  to  know  nothing  about  boat's  or  boating   will  be  considered  UN - Experienced!

             This will result in your rental cancelled and your Reservation Deposit forfeited or

                              YOUR  DAMAGE  AND  LOSS  SECURITY  DEPOSIT  WILL  BE

                                          THE  CASH  VALUE  OF  THE  LEASED  VESSEL!

                               NO  IF'S ,  AND'S  OR  BUT'S


                             BOATING   IS   DANGEROUS   TO  ANYONE  ON  THE  WATER!                                              .                                                                        

           BigWave  Boat  Rentals  Reserves  The  Right  To  Cancel

                                         ANY  Reservation!                                 


             All rental craft are to be operated  from  Sunrise  to  1/2  hour  before  Sunset

               and  limited  to  use  in  our  "Sounds"  and  Inland  Waterways .....  A  25  Nautical  Mile

                   (28 Statute Miles)  "One-Way"  distance  is  permitted  from  your  dock's  location. 

                 Customer's  authorized  to  operate  our  24  Sea  Pro  "Walk-Around"  in  the  Ocean

                         is  Sunrise  to  1 hour  before  Sunset  and  have  no  distance  limitations!   



     Inlet  and  Ocean  use  of  our  24 Sea  Pro "Walk-Around"  is  limited  to  operator's  with

          documented  proof  that  you  have  experience  as  a   boat  owner  and/or  operator 

               of  a  boat  at - least  24  feet  long  capable  of  being  used  in  the  Ocean. 

          You   MUST  provide  us  a  copy  of  a   VALID   Registration   for  a  boat  that's  at 

                       least  24  feet  or  A  USCG  GUIDE'S   OR   CAPTAIN'S   LICENSE!

              Another  acceptable  proof  of  experience  is  the   National   Marine   Fisheries

                       Highly   Migratory   Species   permit  issued  to  YOUR  VESSEL.     

                  NO  PROOF .............  NO  OCEAN  OR  INLET  USE  IS  PERMITTED!                                                  

                     Prohibited   Activities

     Alcoholic  Beverages,  Liquor  and  Narcotics  are  Prohibited  "on-board"  ANY  boat!

            Water Sports such as Water Skiing, Wake Board or Tubing is Prohibited!

        A Dare and Currituck County Ordinance prohibits the use of  a  leased watercraft for any type of

        water sport ...... however you are allowed to hire one of our guide's to operate the boat for

                                              you while you engage in this type of  activity!

            Please Note:   BigWave  Boat  Rentals  does  not   provide  this  type  of   equipment.

                Towing  another  Vessel  or  Craft  of  any  kind  is  Prohibited!

                 Entering  an  Inlet  or  the  Ocean  is  Prohibited  TO  ALL  Water-craft  except 

                          an  authorized  24  foot  Sea  Pro  "Walk-Around"  rental  customer!


  Tampering With Staff Placed Dock-lines Or  Fenders  Is  Not  Permitted.


            "Night-Time"  USE  IS  PROHIBITED!!!

                   Our  Rentals  Have "Real - Time"  GPS  Tracker's  Installed


                  Trailer  Use  Restricted  To  Our  Staff  Only! 


           We urge you to fully read our website and understand all terms and conditions,

         ANY breach of your Rental Agreement contract will result in Immediate Loss of the Leased

                                       Vessel  and  Total  Loss  of  your  Security  Deposit.         

     24  foot  Sea  Pro  Renter's  Without  Ocean  Experience

           24  foot  Sea  Pro  "multiple-day"  renter's  without  Ocean  experience  may  hire  our

            Staff  or  our  Licensed  Captain  &  Mate  for  a  Gulf - Stream  Offshore  trip,  Near - shore

                                                Ocean  or  Wreck  and  Bottom  fishing  trip.

                    Reasonable  charges  apply  for  assistance  by  our  staff  on  fishing  trips.     

                                                                 PLEASE   NOTE:

           This  type  of  trip  is  NOT  A  "CHARTER",  you  have  "LEASED"  the  boat

           and  will  be  responsible  to  pay  for  the  gasoline  used,  ice  for  the  fish-box   

                       and  food  cooler  as  well  as  cleaning   the  boat  after  the  trip!  

              The  cost  for  a  "Full-Day"  Offshore  Charter  averages  anywhere  from  $1400.00

         to  $2800.00 (cash or check) depending on the marina, the marina's location and the boat. 

                     That  $1400.00  to  $2800.00  doesn't  include   Credit  Card  fees  ($50 and up)           

                                                          or  a  15%  tip  for  the  mate! 

          We  offer  our  24  foot  Sea  Pro  "Walk-Around"  rental  customers  an  Offshore 

                  "Big-Game"  Fishing  Trip  at   1/3  the  cost  of  a  Charter  Boat  Trip!

                     If  your  interested,  feel  free  to  contact  us  for  more  information. 


          How  well  do  you  know  4  basic  power  boating  rules?

          "Rules of the Road"  and  "The Right of Way"  applies  to  all  N.C.  Waters!


   1)  Who has the "Right of Way" - your  boat  or  a  boat  that's  towing  another  boat?


          2) A  power  boat   will  be  crossing  your  boat  off  the  "Starboard  Bow"

                          Do  You   or   Do  They   have   " The  Right  of  Way"?



             3) You are approaching an anchored boat displaying one or both of these 

                    "Diver Down" flags shown above - what does International and Inland

                                                       rules require you to do?


      Navigating  Channels  with  "Day" Markers  and  "Buoys"  is  Required  Here!

   4)  You are underway in a marked channel ............ Ahead on the Left is a  Green

          "Can"  Buoy or "Day Marker" and ahead  on the Right is a  Red "Nun" Buoy or

                                                             "Day  Marker"........... 

                     Are  you  "Returning"   or    "Departing"  from  your  dock? 


                                            ANSWERS   TO   THE   BOATING   QUESTIONS

           1)   By Law, ANY Vessel with Limited Maneuverability such as a "wind-only" 

         powered sailboat, a vessel towing another vessel, a commercial trawler or dredge

                                                       has "The Right Of Way!"


   2)   Both International and Inland Rules state that when two power-driven vessels 

 are crossing so as to involve a risk of collision, the vessel which has the other on the

        Starboard side  (the "give-way" vessel)   must keep out of the way.

    (Don't know what the Starboard side of a boat is?  You'd better take a safety course!)


         3)  Slow down to no wake, Keep  At  Least  100  feet from a boat with divers in the water!



Using "Aids to Navigation" properly will prevent customers from being responsible

      to pay for very expensive "UN-Grounding" charges ($1000 and up), including 

  repairing or replacing a damaged propeller ($100 - $250), the engine's lower unit

     ($1000 and up), the depth finder's transducer ($150 - $250) and damage to the

     fiberglass hull  or  to  repair  a  pontoon  boat's aluminum logs ($1000 and up). 



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