Outer Banks Fishing Boat Rental

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   Payments Info, Cancellations,Reservations & PayPal  

Due  to  a  recent  Security Breach, we have discontinued
 accepting  PayPal  at  this time!

                       NO  SKYPE  CALLS  PLEASE!

                            email us  bigwaveboatrentals@yahoo.com

                 or  use  our   CONTACT BIGWAVE BOAT RENTAL page

     "IN-SEASON"  Rates  In  Effect  from  April  1st  thru  September  30th!

        15% "In-Season" Rate  Discounts  ONLY  apply  to  Seniors  (65+),

            Fire Fighters,  Educator's,  ARMY,  NAVY,  MARINES,  AIR FORCE  &

                                      U.S. COAST GUARD  Military  Service. 


          15%  Discount  applies  to   Any  "In-Season"  Multiple-Day  Rental,

         "Day" and "Half-Day"  Rentals  are  Sales-Use  Tax  Exempt  with  Proper  I.D.

     One Discount Per Signer - Proof  of  Age, Fireman, Military Service or Teacher     

                       NO PROOF OF AGE, FIRE  FIGHTER,  EDUCATOR  OR 

                               MILITARY SERVICE  =   NO DISCOUNT! 


   Seaside  Realty  "Club - Seaside"  Discount

       We  offer  Seaside  Realty  Customer's  15%  OFF  any  Multiple - Day rental.

  Reserve  a "Multiple-Day" rental  while  we  offer  a   Early  Reservation  Discount,

       You'll  Get  An  Additional  15%  OFF  the  Rental !

        Proof  is  required  that  your  a  SeaSide "Club - Seaside"  customer!


                          "Multiple-Day" Early  Reservation  Discounts  are  as  follows:

  Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve ..... 35% OFF,  New Year's Day to January 31st ..... 30% OFF,

   February 1st to February 14th ..... 25% OFF,  February 15th to February 28th ..... 20% OFF

                                             March 1st to March 31st ..... 15% OFF


          Reservation  Deposit  due  when  you  make  the reservation.
 We accept  Visa,  MasterCardDiscover  and  American  Express Cards  over  the  phone

         or reserve your  Multiple-Day  rental by mailing to us a Cashiers Check, Money Order

               or a Personal Bank Check  to our business office  at-least  2 weeks in advance:

                                                  Big  Wave  Boat  Rentals

                                                  103  John  Cabot  Court 

                                             Kill Devil Hills, NC  27948  USA 

                                 Please make your Check or Money order payable to:

                                                   Big Wave  Boat  Rentals

         Make a note on your check or money order the water craft and the days you've reserved it.

 A Credit or Debit Card "Retainer" holds your reservation for  10 Calendar Days, this is plenty of

             time for you to mail it to us and for us to receive your "mailed"  Reservation  Deposit.

                     Upon receipt of your mailed deposit, we will inform you we received it and

                                         your "Retainer" card information is then destroyed.                                       

    A "Mailed" deposit  not received by end of the 10th calendar day .....We will  attempt

to contact you by phone and send you an email reminder  YOUR  DEPOSIT  IS  DUE  NOW!

             "Mailed"  Deposit's  not  received  by  8:00 AM  the  11th  calendar  day,

          your "Retainer"  Card  will  be  processed  for  the  Reservation  Deposit  and

          will  include  a  3.3%  or  4.5% AMEX  Credit  or  Debit  Card  Processing  fee.



                   BigWave  Boat  Rentals  will  email  a  "Reservation  Confirmation,"

        a  receipt  of  your  paid reservation deposit, total itemized costs of the rental, the location

           and time for delivery & pickup, North Carolina's operator's requirements, BigWave Boat

          Rental's rule's & regulation's, a renter's cancellation agreement  and other services we offer.


                         "VERBAL"  RESERVATIONS

       A  "Verbal"  Reservation  without  some  form  of  Credit  or  Debit  Card  "Retainer"  is

                    honored   only  ONE  (1)  Calendar  Day!    The rental becomes available to the

                                    next  customer  after  the  ONE (1)  Calendar  Day!


          Using  a  Credit  Card  or  Debit  Card  for  Payment?

  A  3.3%  Card Processing Fee charged if a payment is by  Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

                   AMERICAN   EXPRESS   Processing   Fee  4.5%!


                          Cancellation  Refund  Policies

            NOTICEBeginning  September  1, 2015

        If you need to cancel your reservation, your request must be in writing!

   Cancellation's  Made  By  The  Renter -  RESERVATION  DEPOSITS   ARE   REFUNDABLE
IF  the  water-craft  is  "Re-rented"  or  you  could  apply  it  to  a  future  rental.

ALL  Cancellation's  Made  By  BigWave  Boat  Rental's  Are  Fully  Refunded.

 Exceptions  are  as  follows:

1)  Renter  Has  Made  A  Fraudulent  Reservation,  Counterfeit  Currency,  Stolen  or  Fraudulent  Card  Transaction.

  2)  Operator(s)  Born  On  Or  After  January  1, 1988  Did  Not  Provide  Proof  of  Completing  A  Boating  Education  Course  or  Power  Boat  Ownership.

3)  Upon  Delivery  Of  the  Boat,  Operator(s)  Are  Under  The  Influence  Of   Drugs  and/or  Alcohol.

  4)  Any  Breach  Of  The  Rental  Agreement



              The  State  Of  North  Carolina  and  Dare  County  Requires  any  Business

                  that  leases  or  sells  any  type  of  property  must  charge  a  6.75%  Sales - Use  Tax!

                          North  Carolina's  General  Rate  is  4.75%,  Dare  County's  Rate  is  2.0%. 


                  When  We  Deliver  Your  Rental:

 At the launch ramp, the customer and a staff member will do a "condition" walk-around of the rental, 

         this will document the condition of the hull (or pontoon log's), the propeller and the depth 

                                                                finder's transducer.  

         The boat is then launched and a "Test-Ride" is performed with just the operator's. 

 After the "Test-Ride", the rental then goes to the customer's dock and is tied-up while the customer

                                             fills-out and signs the rental agreement's.

     *  Two Rental Agreements -  a  BigWave's Rental Agreement and both copies of 

                 The North Carolina  Rental Agreement are filled out and signed by the 

    Rental Agreement signer (Lessee), all Operator's  and the "BigWave Boat Rentals" staff 

                                               member for the customer's rental term.      


            * *  Payment of Balance Due and Security Deposit - customer receipts provided.


* * *  All approved operators are Instructed the Operation & Safety procedures of their leased vessel.

  North Carolina  &  Federal Law's and BigWave Boat Rental's rule's and limit's are discussed with the operator(s). 

* * * *  A  "Check-List" is made during the Operation & Safety Instruction, the lessee and authorized operators then sign and initial certain clauses that our Operation & Safety Instruction's were provided for  the  lessee  and  all  authorized  operator(s).


 Meet  us  at  the  boat  when  you  scheduled  the  Pick-up:

 A  $100.00  Per - Hour  Late  Return  Penalty  Charged  to  the  Security 

 Deposit  if  you  return  it  30  minutes  or  later  after  the  time (and date)  that

 you  scheduled  the  rental's  "Pick-Up"  time!


         BigWave Boat Rentals reserves the right to cancel a reservation!    

                           Town of Kill Devil Hills, NC  Business License # 2018 -1572

                                            N.C. Sales - Use Tax ID # 600809816        

            PayPal  to  Reserve  Your  Rental  Boat

             PayPal Buttons Are Not Available At This Time!  

      PayPal Charges a 3.0% process fee for use of their convenient online payment services.

                         AMERICAN EXPRESS  PROCESS  FEE  IS  4.0% !

         3.0% fee is included in all PayPal items and is  Non-Refundable

         if  Reservation  Is  Cancelled  By  Renter!                                                             

                NC  Sales - Use  Tax  not  included .