Outer Banks Fishing Boat Rental

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   We will be Closed from December 1st thru March 31st

 Rates, Reserve Deposit, Renter's Location and Services

  Operator's   Must   Have   Practical   Boating   Experience!

                                 BOAT RENTAL  RATES

       15%  Rate  &  Sales  Tax  Discount  for  Seniors 65+,

            Military  Service,  Fire Fighters  and  Teachers 


             All Rentals are 2 Day Minimums! 

                The  Customer  Provides  Overnight  Dockage  for  Their  Rental  Term


                       18  Foot  Cape  Horn  Center Console 115 HP 

                               Adequate Overnight Dockage Required

                                                                N.C. Sales-Use Tax is 6.75%

                          Reservation Deposit (2 to 7 rental days)   $200.00  Check or Money  Order

                                          Maximum  FOUR  Person's, Gear and Fishing Equipment

                                                                  7th  Rental  Day  is  FREE!   

                              6 Day Rental      $900.00     ($150.00 per day)     $960.75 includes Tax

                              5 Day Rental      $850.00     ($170.00 per day)     $907.38 includes Tax

                              4 Day Rental      $775.00     ($193.75 per day)     $827.31 includes Tax

                              3 Day Rental      $675.00     ($225.00 per day)     $720.56 includes Tax

                              2 Day Rental      $525.00     ($262.50 per day)     $560.44 includes Tax 

                                 * Credit  Card  or  $750.00   Cash  Withheld  Security  Deposit  


20  Foot  Regal  Empress  XL  "Cuddy"  220 HP  Mercruiser

                       Adequate Overnight Dockage Required 

                                                   N.C. Sales-Use Tax is 6.75%  

             Reservation Deposit (2 to 7 rental days)  $200.00  Check or Money Order

                             Maximum  EIGHT  Person's, Gear  and  Equipment

                                                  7th  Rental  Day is  FREE!

                6 Day Rental     $1050.00    ($175.00 per day)      $1120.88 includes Tax

                5 Day Rental     $1000.00    ($200.00 per day)      $1067.50 includes Tax

                4 Day Rental      $925.00     ($231.25 per day)       $987.44 includes Tax

                3 Day Rental      $800.00     ($266.66 per day)       $854.00 includes Tax

                2 Day Rental      $600.00     ($300.00 per day)       $640.50 includes Tax

                    * Credit  Card  or  $1000.00  Cash  Withheld  Security  Deposit


            21  Foot  Hydra-Sports  "Walk-Around"  150 HP  Outboard

                                  Adequate Overnight Dockage Required 

                                                                      NC Sales-Use Tax is 6.75%

                                            Maximum  EIGHT  Person's, Gear  and  Fishing Equipment

                             Reservation Deposit (2 to 7 rental days)  $200.00  Check or Money  Order

                                                                     7th  Rental  Day  is  FREE

                                6 Day Rental      $1000.00    ($166.66 per day)     $1067.50 includes Tax

                                5 Day Rental       $950.00     ($190.00 per day)     $1014.13 includes Tax

                                4 Day Rental       $850.00     ($212.50 per day)      $907.38 includes Tax

                                3 Day Rental       $725.00     ($241.66 per day)      $773.94 includes Tax

                                2 Day Rental       $575.00     ($287.50 per day)      $613.81 includes Tax            

                                    * Credit  Card  or  $1000.00  Cash  Withheld  Security  Deposit



     24  Foot  Sea  Pro "Walk Around"  225 HP  Outboard 

            Adequate Overnight Dockage with Deep water or Marina slip                          

                                                   N.C. Sales-Use Tax is 6.75% 

                            Maximum  TEN  Person's, Gear  and  Fishing Equipment

             Reservation Deposit (2 to 7 rental days)  $200.00 Check or Money Order

                                                      7th  Rental  Day  is  FREE! 

                6 Day Rental     $1225.00    ($204.16 per day)     $1307.69 includes Tax

                5 Day Rental     $1150.00    ($230.00 per day)     $1227.63 includes Tax

                4 Day Rental     $1050.00    ($262.50 per day)     $1120.88 includes Tax

                3 Day Rental      $900.00     ($300.00 per day)     $960.75 includes Tax

                2 Day Rental      $700.00     ($350.00 per day)     $747.25 includes Tax

                   * Credit Card  or  $1000.00   Cash  Withheld  Security  Deposit


 "Burial  At  Sea"   SALT URN REQUIRED!   (includes Captain & Crew member)   $300.00   


                               24 foot  Sea  Pro  "Offshore  Package"  

                                                  $200.00   Per Rental Term:

      "Offshore Package" includes a pair of 15' Hard -Top mounted Telescoping Outriggers

      with  long & short release clips, (2) flat line release clips,  (6) 50 pound test & (2) 30

         pound test  Big Game Rods with 6/0 and 3/0 "Hi-Speed" PENN SENATOR REELS,

      (2) gaffs, (3) "stand-up" rod  belts, (1) "stand-up" fighting harness, the vessel's  2019

          Recreational - National Marine Fisheries - Highly Migratory Species Vessel Permit, 

                        162 quart  cooler / fish-box and a 50 quart rigged-bait cooler.

         (Perishable Baits, Ballyhoo Rigs, Down Riggers and Planer rigs are not included)

               * Credit  Card  or  $750.00   Cash  Withheld  Security  Deposit

                                 Reservation  Deposits

           A  Credit  Card,  Debit  CardPayPal,  "MailedCheck  or  Money  Order

     deposit  applied  to  the  Grand  Total  secures  your "Multiple - Day" rental  reservation.

       $200.00  Check  or  Money  Order  Reservation  Deposit  for  all  rentals  up  to  7  Days

   Use a VISA, MasterCard or Discover Card for Reservation Deposit - add $6.60 Process Fee

       Use an American Express Card for Reservation Deposit - add $9.00 Process Fee

                       Should  you  need  to  cancel  a  "Multiple  Day"  Reservation,  see  our

                                                       Reservation  Cancellation  Policy 

                                                    on  the  "Payments  and  PayPal"  page.

          Security   Deposit  for  Damage  and / or  Loss   


                           MAKE  SURE   YOU  INFORM  YOUR  CARD  ISSUING  BANK  OF 


* Cash with-held Security Deposit (receipt provided) is  fully refunded  unless  Damage or Losses occur...Damages or Losses estimate is deducted from the Cash Security Deposit and balance, if any, is returned to the Customer..... If a Credit Card (NO DEBIT CARDS!)  is used for the Security Deposit, the Damages or Losses are drawn from the  Credit Card for the Damages or Losses.  If no Losses or Damages are found, the Credit Card's  SECURED  AUTHORIZATION  "HOLD"  is released.

Lessee's  Are  Responsible  for  Damage  or  Loss  That  Exceed's  Their  Security  Deposit  Amount!

 *THE LESSEE IS HELD FULLY RESPONSIBLE for ANY and ALL Loss of or Damage to  the Water Craft or its Equipment during the term of their Water Craft Rental Agreement whether caused by sinking, grounding, collision, fire, flood, wind damage, vandalism, theft or any other cause unless determined to be caused from a fault or a defect of the Water Craft or its equipment.

         * The Customer's boat dock must be adequate for the water-craft being rented and safe from weather related damage. 

      If the dock is Not Adequate or Safe for the water-craft, the customer will be advised to relocate it to a safer dock at the  

        customer's expense! Remember, the Lessee's ARE responsible for ANY Damage even if it's caused by Your  Dock!     

  Security  Deposits are  also  applied  to  the  Lessee's  if  they  DO  NOT  Refill  the  Fuel  Tank 

 and/or  the  2 Stroke Oil Reservoir,  NOT Returning the rental water-craft & all included equipment

 clean,  rented  rod & reel  combo's  or  other  equipment  if  lost  or  damaged.    




Our  Rentals Are  CASH  Valued  From  $15,000.00  Up  To  $30,000.00  US  Dollars


                Extra  Savings  For  Extended  Term  Rentals        

Want to rent for more than 7 days? Contact us well in advance to reserve your extra days!

                       > Extra  Days  Are  50%  OFF  (that's two days for the price of one!) 

                   Add   $25.00   to  your  Reservation  Deposit  for  each  day  over  7  days.



  Are  you  a  "Local"  or  "Out-Of-Local" Area  rental ?

             Please Note:   BigWave  Boat  Rental's  is  located  in  Kill  Devil  Hills, N.C.!

  FREE  "Local"  Delivery  to  Southern  Shores, Kitty  Hawk, Kill  Devil  Hills, Nags  Head,

                                      Colington Harbor and all of Roanoke Island.

 "Out - Of - Local"  Area  Up  To  90 miles - a  Delivery & Pickup  Charge  of   $2.15 

"One-Way"  distance  per  mile  will  be  added  to  the  rental's  total  and 

                                       includes  the  launch  ramp  fees.

   "Out - Of - Local"  Area  Over  90 miles - a  Delivery & Pickup  Charge  of   $6.00 

 "One-Way"  distance  per  mile  will  be  added  to  the  rental's  total  and  

                                        includes  the  launch  ramp  fees.


                  The  "Out-Of-Local" Area  charge  pays  the  expenses  of  the  delivery

                      &  pick-up  towing  vehicles  and  our  staff  for  their  travel  time.

             "Out - Of - Local"  Area   Delivery  &  Pick-up  charge  examples  are:  

   Hatteras (70 mi.) $150,  Frisco (63 mi.) $135,  Buxton (60 mi.) $125,  Avon (55 mi.) $110,

                Coinjock (40 mi.) $85,  Columbia (55 mi.) $110,  Edenton (70 mi.)  $150,

                           Oriental  (186 mi.)  $1110    Wilmington  (260 mi.)  $1500

                   Discounts  Do  Not  Apply  to  "Out-of-Local"  Area  Charges

        Don't  want  to  pay  the  "Out-Of-Local"  delivery  and  pickup  charge? 

                              DOCK  THE  BOAT  IN  OUR  "LOCAL"  AREA!



     Water too shallow, too many "Groundings" and Thick Weed's "over-heating" the  motor 

                      has caused us to cease All  Powerboat rental's from Duck to Carova.




              Your   Vacation   Rental   Property   Doesn't   Have   A   Boat   Dock?

          Our rental's may be docked in a marina slip as close as possible to your location.

        We will find you the nearest marina where you make the slip reservation or we can 

  reserve your slip ... If  we  reserve  your  slip, you'll  pay  us  a   $50.00  Service  Charge 

                    plus  whatever  the  marina  charge's  to  reserve  the  slip!

     Outer  Banks  Marina's  charge   $1.25  to  $2.00  Per  Foot  Per  Day  or  Per  Night. 

         Most marina's slips and boat dock's include a freshwater faucet for a garden hose.

     We provide each rental with a 50 foot garden hose with spray nozzle, a deck brush and  

      bio-degradable boat soap for you to clean-up the rental and to rinse the corrosive salt

        residue  off   your  rod's  &  reel's  (or  our  rod's & reel's)  and  other  equipment.

              Can't   Find   A  Vacation   Property   With   A   Boat   Dock?

          Need some help finding a vacation home with a boat dock from Southern Shores

       to Hatteras or anywhere in between?   We've rented our boat's in every corner of the

           Outer  Bank's  and  we  can  help  you  find  you  the  right  vacation  property.

    Some  Area's  are  Shallow-Draft  Boat's  Only!                                                                                                                                                                                                                   




                  Fuel, Outboard Oil and Cleaning Charges for Multiple-Day Rentals  

              All rentals are launched at the nearest ramp, delivered with maximum filled

              fuel tank(s) and  oil reservoirs (if applicable) to your dock or ramp location.

           Long-Term renters are responsible for Gasoline and Outboard Oil used during

  their rental  term and must return it to us with fuel tank full  and  outboard oil reservoir

                                                             full  at  Pick-Up.

      For convenience, we have the recommended 50:1 outboard oil @  $10.00 per  quart. 


 Please return the rented boat and related equipment Clean at pick-up time, a $45.00 per-hour

   Cleaning Charge will be charged to the Security  Deposit  if our staff must clean the boat

                                        or any of its equipment for the next rental. 

             Customers renting a trailer-able boat will be able to Re-fuel it at Pick-up at any 

    nearby Gasoline Station --  simply follow us to the Gas Station.after we load it on its trailer!


      Customers  NOT Re-filling the Fuel Tank and Oil Reservoir are charged  $7.00 per

     Gallon of Gasoline  and/or  $15.00  per Quart  of  Outboard Oil....   plus  3.3%

           Card  Process Fee  if  Credit  Card  is  used  for  the  Security  Deposit.

 Gas & Oil price's are based on  Cost  plus  Labor  and  may  change  with  gas  prices!


                                                                     Refund Policy 

Tropical Systems or just bad weather may interfere with or cancel your rental arrangements. Purchase our $20.00 per day (4 Day Rental Minimum) Weather Insurance for a prompt Full  Refund  of the days rental rate lost due to the boat un-useable due to  SMALL CRAFT WARNINGSGALE WARNINGSTROPICAL STORM WARNINGS  or  a  MANDATORY HURRICANE  EVACUATION .... 4 Day Rental Minimum!....No Refunds Unless Purchased. Weather Insurance is a non-refundable charge!




  If a mechanical problem occurs, a replacement boat will be provided for you or your money refunded promptly for the days a replacement boat was unavailable. 

  Early  Returns  Will  Not  Result  In  A  Refund!

A Cancellation made by the renter -  Reservation Deposit LESS CARD FEE'S will be refunded

if  we  can "Re-rent" the  boat  to  another  customer  or  could  be  applied  to  a  future  boat  rental! 

Please see our Cancellation Refund Policy on the "PAYPAL and PAYMENTS" page for more details. 

BigWave Boat Rentals reserves the right to cancel any reservation!  

  Rentals cancelled by  BigWave Boat Rentals are fully refunded including any applicable card process fees.  


                                  Licensed  Guide  Services  

         Don't  know  the  area? You can request  a  "Safety  Tour"  from  our  delivery  staff. 

         They will show you the safest way to navigate from your dock to open water and back free

                                             of charge at the end of our delivery process.

Guide's are available for a Half-Day or a Full-Day trip with a  Multiple  Day  Rental.

These guys know the fish, where to catch them and how to catch them in your area.   

Half Day   $250.00 (6 hours)        Full Day   $300.00 (12 hours)

Offshore  "Full Day" Captain  and  Mate: 

  $300.00 ---- All  "Big Game" Fishing  Equipment,  Rigs,  Bait's  and  Cleaning  Your  Catch  Is  Included!

Our Ocean & Inland Fishing Guide's require a $75.00 deposit made at least 30 days in advance in order to secure their time.  Balance is due upon departure.  Guide's may provide the equipment and bait but are not responsible for the fuel, outboard oil or ice used on the trip.   

 Deposits  are  refunded  if  condition's  are "UN-fish-able"! 

Call or email us for info about our guide service's and what type of trips are offered.

Our  Licensed  Guide's: 

Bill  Elwang  (Oregon Inlet, Croatan Sound, Roanoke Sound to Point Harbor)

 Clarence  Munden  (Atlantic Ocean from Oregon Inlet, Northern Sounds to Point Harbor)

                        Sam  Bell     (Hatteras Inlet, Pamlico Sound and Hatteras Island)

  Greg  Hoffmann     (Hatteras Inlet, Pamlico Sound and Hatteras Island)


             SEATOW, BOAT U.S. or  BigWave Boat Rental's Assistance       

         SEATOW  assist services (Out of Fuel, UN-Grounding, Propeller Spun or Damaged / Lower

         Unit Damage, etc.)  is  included  with  all  our  rental craft  at  a  rate  of  $100.00  per - hour.

                                  FUEL  DELIVERY  WILL  HAVE  ADDITIONAL  CHARGES

 Boat U.S. Members can transfer their coverage to our rental with no charges applied for assistance if they are a  Boat U.S.  "Gold Member".

 SEATOW, Boat U.S. or BigWave Boat Rentals "On-The-Water" assistance is free of charge if due to mechanical problems with our boat, however,  if  it's  due  to  the  renter,  the  renter  will  be  responsible  to  pay  $100.00  per  hour  to  SEATOW,  BOAT U.S.  or  BigWave  Boat  Rentals !  

     For information about their services, visit:  http://www.seatow.com/   http://www.boatus.com//


      Outfitter  Equipment  Rentals  

                   Children's  "Life-Vests"  are  Optional   Equipment -  $20.00  Cash  deposit  per  P.F.D. 

            Children's  sizes  are:  "Infant" 0 to 30 lbs     "Child" 30 to 50 lbs     "Youth" 50 to 90 lbs          ,                     

                 * BigWave Boat Rentals has available for rent 10, 20, 30 and 50 pound test Rods & Reels:

We feature Shimano spinning rod's with Daiwa reel's loaded with 10 pound test Sufix Co-polymer line

and Tsunami spinning rods with Penn reel's loaded with 20 pound test Trilene Big Game mono-filament. 

 Rod n' Reel  Rental  Rates: 

4 rod's & reel's   $20.00 per rental term            6 rod's & reel's   $30.00 per rental term

8 rod's & reel's   $40.00 per rental term              10 rod's & reel's   $50.00 per rental term

Our 20 pound test rental outfits were field tested by our own staff on offshore species such as Greater Amberjack, Mahi-Mahi Dolphin and Blackfin Tuna..... Inshore species such as Striped Bass, Flounder, Red Drum and Sheepshead.

Our 10 pound test rental outfits were field tested by our staff on inshore species such as Speckled Trout, Redfish, Striped Bass and Largemouth Bass.


* (6) 50 & (2) 30 pound I.G.F.A. class  Big Game Rods with "Hi-Speed"  PENN  Senator 6/0 & 3/0 Reels available @  $150.00 per day           $500. 00  Credit  Card  Security  Deposit  Required


* Live-bait Cast nets (with 5 gallon bucket)  are available for rent @ $15.00 per rental

 * 54 quart Igloo Cooler rentals are available @ $10.00 per rental


* Fishing rigs and tackle package sales are available as an additional charge:

Tell us what fish species you want to catch, we will get you rigged-up! 

Trolling rigs, Popping Cork rigs, Flounder rigs, Trout rigs, Red Drum rigs, etc.


* "RipCharts"  Sea  Surface and  Fishing  Hot-spot  Locator  (a membership service)  to help our Ocean customers locate favorable sea water temperature breaks, water color, water clarity and up-wellings where "Big Game" fish might be found..... Knowing where to start fishing saves wasted time and fuel.

   Free  access  to  our  "RipCharts"  subscription  for  our  Ocean  fishing  customer's! 


                    CALL US   252-489-5376  8 AM  to  8 PM  or  use  our  website   "Contact Us"  page 

                                                                    NO  SKYPE  CALLS  PLEASE !

                                                                           BigWave Boat Rentals

                                                  North Carolina Sales-Use Tax I.D. # 600 809 816

                                             Town of Kill Devil Hills Business License # 2019-1572 

  "Off - Season"  Powerboats 

        18  foot  Cape  Horn  Center  Console   115  HP

        20  foot  Regal  XL  "Cuddy"  Cruiser    220  HP  


      21  foot  Hydra-Sports  "Walk-Around"   150  HP

           24  foot  Sea  Pro  "Walk-Around"   225  HP