Outer Banks Fishing Boat Rental

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We will be Closed from December 1st thru March 31st

                  BigWave's  Rental  Power  Boats

    Operators must have experience with the same size boat you are renting.

         We  No  Longer  Rent  From  Duck  To  Carova,  It's  Too  Shallow!

       Please  check   "BigWave's Calendar"   for  available  rental's,

            reserved  boat's  are  "Listed" ...  "UN-Listed"  boat's  are  available.   

                All rental's are standard equipped with "Adult" Life-Vests (90 lb and up).

"Infant" (0-30 lb), "Child" (30-50 lb) and "Youth" (50-90 lb) size

             Life-Vests  are  available  upon  request.   

     All Rentals are 2 Day Minimums!     


   24  Foot  Sea  Pro  "Walk-Around"   225 HP  Yamaha



    24 Foot Sea Pro "Walk-Around" Cuddy Cabin with a 225 HP  4 Stroke Yamaha,

  126 Gallons Fuel Capacity, * GPS / 36 Mile Radar / Depth Finder *, VHF Radio,

 Porta-Potty, raw water wash-down, 11 rod holders, fully equipped with all required

USCG devices, "Adult" life-vest's, landing net, bait-well & dip net, anchor with chain 

 & 100 feet of line, 6 docklines, deck brush, fishing / navigation chart and SEATOW

                                Member Services.  Maximum  10  Person's!  

                   Draws  40  Inches  with  Motor  Down,  24  Inches  "Tilted"  Up. 

                    Multiple-Day  Rentals  April  1st  thru  November  30th

              * Furuno GD 1900 GPS Plotter / Color Depth Sounder / 1943C Radar *

          The  24' Sea Pro "Walk-Around" may be operated in the Ocean 

  if your operator(s) has a valid U.S.C.G. Captain's  or  Guide's License or

   they own and operate a vessel at-least 24 feet in length in the Ocean.  

                                     PROOF  IS  REQUIRED!

 Click --->  "OPERATING LIMITS AND DISTANCES"  for more information about Ocean use. 

                      Optional  24  Sea Pro  "Offshore Package"

        15'  "Hard-Top"  mounted  TIGRESS  Telescoping  Outriggers  with  long  &  short  release

   clips, (2) flat-line release clips, (6) 50 lb. and  (2) 30 lb. Big-Game rod & reel  outfits

      featuring PENN "Hi -Speed" Senator reels, (3) rod belts, (1) "stand-up" harness,

  (2) AFTCO gaffs, a 162 Quart fish-box / cooler,  a 50 quart rigged bait cooler and the 

        Recreational  2019  National  Marine  Fisheries - Highly  Migratory  Species 

         Permit  available  with  the  "Offshore Package"  for  an  additional  charge.

  Our  24 Sea Pro "Walk-Around"  handles  2  to  4  foot  seas  comfortably  depending

                                           on  the  wind  and  wave  condition's.


  This vessel's total length is 28  FEET from the tip of the bow pulpit to the 225 HP

       motor mounted on the "Armstrong" transom bracket ....... Boat slip or dock

              must  be  able  to  accommodate  a  boat  at  least  28  feet  long.       


 21 foot  Hydra-Sports "Walk-Around"  150 HP  Yamaha  

    21  foot  Hydra-Sports  "Walk-Around" Cuddy-Cabin powered by a 150 HP 4 stroke

     Yamaha, Maximum 8 Person's, Fuel capacity 80 gallons, VHF Radio,

      includes all required safety equipment and Adult life-vests, Bimini Top,

       live bait-well with net, landing net,  * Depth Finder / GPS *
      Danforth style anchor with chain and 100 feet of line, 6 dock-lines, rod holders, 

area fishing / navigation chart and SEATOW Member Services.  
    Adequate Dockage Required     Inland Use Only!

Draws  32  inches  with  motor  down,  needs  14  inches  to  float

 Available  from  April  1st  to  November  30th  for  Multiple-Day Rentals

     * Lowrance  HDS - 4   Color  Depth Finder / GPS Map * 


  20 foot Regal Empress XL "Cuddy" 220 HP Mercruiser

20 foot Regal Empress XL "Cuddy" powered by a 220 HP Mercruiser 

Inboard-Outboard, Maximum 8 Person's, Fuel capacity 50 gallons, VHF Radio,

    includes all required safety equipment and Adult life-vest's, Bimini Top,

    landing net, * Depth Finder / Gps *, Danforth type anchor with chain

and 75' of line, 6 dock-lines, 4 rod holders, area fishing / navigation chart and 

SEATOW  Member Services

Operators  Must  Have  Experience  with  an  Inboard / Outboard  Powered  Vessel!   

Adequate Dockage Required     Inland Use Only

Available from April 1 to October 31 for Multiple-Day Rental's

Needs 14 inches to float, draws 36 inches with Out-drive fully "trimmed" down 

* Garmin  EchoMAP Chirp 54 CV Color  Depth Finder / GPS Map *



     18  foot  Cape Horn Center Console  115 HP Yamaha

                     18 foot Cape Horn Center Console powered by a 115 HP
               4 stroke Yamaha, Maximum 4 Person's, Fuel capacity 55 gallons, VHF Radio,

                       includes all required safety equipment and Adult life-vests, Bimini Top,
                        leaning-post, live bait-well with net, landing net, * Depth Finder / Gps *,
                 Danforth style anchor with chain and 75 feet of line, 6 dock-lines, rod holders,

                           area fishing / navigation chart and SEATOW Assistance Services. 
                         Adequate Dockage Required     Inland Use Only!

                 Available  April  1st  thru  November 30th for Multiple-Day Rental's

                      * Lowrance  HDS - 4   Color  Depth Finder / GPS Map *

Children 13 years of age and under must wear a Life Vest

        All Rental's Are Standard Equipped With

            Adult Life Vests (90 Lb.'s and Up)

           Let us know in advance if you require any optional children's  life-vests.

       If you don't tell us you need children's PFD's, they will not be included!


        Do Not Exceed The Maximum Persons Allowed On Your Boat. 

         Our  Water-craft  Do  Not  Include  A  First  Aid  Kit: 

    Provide your own first aid kit containing bandages, gauze, and antiseptic cream.

      To minimize queasiness include motion sickness pills or crystallized ginger. 
If your going to be fishing, you should also bring hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes.



        For your convenience, we specify the make and model of  Depth Finder / GPS unit that

     each boat is equipped with ......  If you visit the manufacturer's website of the Depth Finder / GPS unit

           (Lowrance, Garmin, Furuno, Raymarine, etc) , find the model of the unit, download and

                                           print the owner's  manual  for  that  specific  unit.

                         Now  that  you  have  the  owner's  manual,  you  can  learn  how  to  use

                   the  Depth Finder / GPS  unit  before  we've  even  delivered  the  boat  to  you!


   Our  Rental's  Have  "Real-Time"  GPS  Tracker's  Installed                     

Beginning  December  2019  thru  March  2020  we  will  be  closed

for  boat  rentals,  however  our  office  will  be  open  for  customer's  to

  take  advantage  of  our  up  to  30%  early  reservation  discounts.

The  Earlier  You  Reserve,  the  More  You'll  Save!     


          PLEASE  NOTICE:

           In  North  Carolina, any  person  born  on  or  after  January 1, 1988  must  complete   a   NASBLA   approved  boating      Education  course  before  operating       a  vessel  propelled  with  a  motor  of    10 HP   or   greater.     

The  Counties  of  Dare  and  Currituck   DO  NOT Permit  "Towed"  Water-Sport's  With  Leased  or  Rented  Water-craft.  

This  include's  "Wake Boarding",  "Water Skiing"  and "Tubing"! 

Customer's are permitted to hire one of our licensed Captain's to operate the rented

water-craft  for  them.

    Please be aware that many properties 

  have docks (or piers) with IN-sufficient              water depth for a boat or are                   located in an UN-protected area.                  

           If your vacation property has                 a dock that is too shallow or is in an 

  UN-protected area, we will advise you to        dock the rental in a marina or other

         location at the renter's expense! 

          Pontoon boats available                  from May  thru  September