Outer Banks Fishing Boat Rental

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    Weather  Cancellation  Insurance  4  Day  Minimum

We  offer  a  Weather  Cancellation  Insurance  Plan  if  a   Small Craft Warning,

Gale Warning, Tropical Storm Warning  or  Hurricane Warning / Mandatory Evacuation

is issued by the  National  Weather  Service  or  "Local" Authorities  prior  to  or  during  your  rental  term.


Rental's  During  August  Thru  September  Have

The  Highest  Risk  For  Tropical  Storms  and  Hurricanes!

If you wish to take advantage of this Insurance coverage, the installment must be included with your reservation deposit.  

  $20.00 Per Day -------  Your rental must be FOUR (4) or more days

in duration to be eligible for this cancellation plan!

Our plan reimburses you the reservation deposit or any rental day(s) lost due to dangerous weather condition's.  

   No  Other  Weather  Related  Refund's  Will  Apply 

This  Plan  Is  A  Non- Refundable  Option